Helping Lyme sufferers through herbal protocols

Lyme disease is on the rise and although it has been a problem in the U.S. for at least thirty years, conventional medicine has still not found a cure. There are strong indications, though, that Lyme sufferers who use alternatives to antibiotics, such as herbal protocols, are successfully killing off the Lyme bacteria and the funguses that cause the disease.

One such protocol is used by Wm. Lee Cowden, MD, a renowned physician and medical researcher who treats people diagnosed with Lyme. Dr. Cowden's protocol has been undergoing studies for effectiveness for Chronic Lyme disease for the past several years. The protocol includes Peruvian herbs Cumanda, Samento and Burbur, among others. Many of these herbal remedies have been used for over two thousand years to cure serious diseases such as Malaria. A year-long, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study of the effectiveness in treating Lyme with Samento and Burbur is currently underway in the Netherlands (Feb 2007), with positive results at the three month mark. The herbs are found to be safe and effective in killing the bacteria but leaving the friendly flora alone.

Dr. Cowden also recommends that when using his protocol, people cut down on their use of common allergens such as wheat, dairy, and corn. He suggests that people seriously ill cut out the use of alcohol and sugar, which have no place in a healing diet. Life style changes such as these can be as important as following a healing protocol. And as Lyme sufferers are aware, finding the protocol that works for them isn't easy. Some people are plagued with symptoms for many years prior to receiving a correct diagnosis. Dr. Cowden and other Lyme experts say that alternative herbal protocols such as his can help guide Lyme sufferers toward healing, and hopefully reduce the many trials and tribulations that accompany the disease itself.

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