Treating Lyme and CFS with Samento in the UK

Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome share many of the same symptoms. Dr. Andrew Wright of Bolton, near Manchester in the UK, treats people who have been diagnosed with Lyme. In addition, he has specialized in working with CFS patients for the past fifteen years and believes it to be essentially a chronic bacterial infection. Oppressive fatigue, brain fog, and flu-like symptoms can plague patients suffering with either Lyme or CFS. But the similarities do not end there. According to Dr. Wright's research, the two illnesses can share an identical gene expression. Many people with CFS test positive for the Borrelia bacteria, the spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Dr. Wright considers an integrated approach to treating both Lyme and CFS is best, if the patient's budget allows. Both illnesses can be treated safely with Samento, which he says is well-tolerated by most. He says he uses Samento and other herbal products to treat Lyme disease, such as Quina, Cumanda, and Amantilla. Since the products have first appeared in the UK over the past several years, he has treated more than five hundred Lyme and CFS patients with a success rate of about sixty-five percent.

Lyme disease patients who respond well to Samento usually do so within the first three months of treatment, said Dr. Wright in a phone interview recently. He says results and success vary according to the individual, and that he has seen the herbal antimicrobial, Samento, take as little as six weeks to greatly improve the health of some Lyme patients.

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