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Lyme Disease Research Database

Together we can beat chronic Lyme!

Hello, and welcome to the Lyme Disease Research Database.

We started the LDRD to help educate people about Lyme disease. Here you will find an ongoing database of the latest research, news and therapies. You will also find healthy lifestyle support resources. New developments in the quest to understand and defeat Lyme disease are continually coming along to replace old news and attitudes that have led to much suffering. Lyme patients, the people who love them, and health care providers need services that educate and keep them current in regard to new research discoveries about Lyme disease. The LDRD aims to provide that service.

There are two ways to benefit from the LDRD:

  • Receive the free resourcesBecoming a member for free gives you access to important information about Lyme symptoms, prevention, tests and treatments. You also have access to over 100 research studies and articles.
  • The Expert Interview Audio Series
  • The Success Stories Audio Series
  • The Lyme Healing Journal
  • Proactive Healthy Lifestyle Resources
  • Much more
As a member of the LDRD, you will receive accurate and timely news and information on Lyme disease symptoms, prevention, treatments and research. Our goal at the LDRD is to provide you with immediate access to Lyme experts' findings, including information on pharmaceutical treatments, integrative therapies and lifestyle support resources. Thousands of people are using the LDRD resources to help them overcome chronic Lyme symptoms. You can too.

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If you are struggling with Lyme, we wish you well. We hope that you and your loved ones will take advantage of the Lyme Disease Research Database's many resources.

Timely information is critical when dealing with Lyme Disease.
 If you suspect that you have Lyme, it is crucial that you get a reliable test done as soon as possible and adopt a course of treatment immediately. To find out more about Lyme symptoms, join the LDRD and refer to our research on Lyme symptoms. You'll also find suggestions on how to alleviate the suffering.

Countless people have reported that they were misdiagnosed for lengthy periods of time before they were even tested for Lyme. Misdiagnoses may lead to improper treatment, and may create conditions under which Lyme can become chronic.

Common misdiagnoses include:
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Alzheimers
  • Lou Gehrig's Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Eczema
  • Lupus
Hence, the popular description of Lyme disease as the Great Imitator.
Lyme is a multi-stage, multi-system disease. The symptoms can be terribly confusing and very difficult to treat. There are a wide variety of treatments for Lyme disease. Many people don't realize how little most health care professionals currently know about the disease. However, thanks to new resources such as the LDRD, Lyme experts' research and opinions are now available to those most in need.

LDRD gives you access to quality information quickly. When you are empowered with information you can make intelligent decisions on how to begin your, or your loved one's, healing process.

Join and access the free database

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Have a friend or family member with Lyme Disease? Give them the gift of knowledge and support them on their path to healing. You can join the LDRD and forward selected reports or the whole database to their email address.

Want to know what the Lyme Disease treatment controversy is all about? You should. It's enlightening. Join the LDRD and find out why so few are aware of the prevalence of Lyme.

Think Lyme Disease is only transmitted by deer ticks? Experts agree that Lyme can be transmitted in other ways. Many people diagnosed with Lyme do not recall having been bitten by a tick. Get the information firsthand from Lyme disease experts.

Have you heard that Lyme Disease only exists in New England?
It's been recorded in most states in the US and in other countries. Find out how it spreads.

There is hope. Don't be overwhelmed and blindsided by negativity and fear. You can beat Lyme. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You're only one click away from the vital information you or your loved one needs to begin healing right now.

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Donate to the LDRD and receive the following additional benefits:

  • Conversations with Lyme Experts. A special series of interviews with medical doctors and others working to find reliable diagnostic methods and healing protocols for Lyme disease sufferers. Hear the details about the latest in Lyme treatments from the experts themselves.
  • Proactive healthy lifestyle resources. Learn about activities that support you as you regain health.
  • Proactive nutrition and diet resources. Many of the Lyme experts we consult with are also board-certified Nutritionists. Discover their recommendations about the foods you eat while beating Lyme disease.
  • Beating Lyme success stories. Hear from former Lyme sufferers who are symptom-free, and living full and balanced lives again. Learn how they did it, and how you can do it too.
  • Lyme Diaries (50 pages). A journal kept by one woman who is beating Lyme through using a combination of pharmaceutical and herbal antimicrobial treatments. Learn what she went through to get back to a state of good health.
  • Personal email attention from the LDRD staff.
  • This allows us to answer your questions about Lyme without subjecting you or the LDRD to spam. 
  • And many more benefits to be added.

Please help us help you. With your donation we can maintain and continue to improve the LDRD. With your support we can better aid you in your quest to beat Lyme.

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