Parasites and Lyme symptoms

Lyme disease symptoms are not only caused by the Borrelia bacteria. Co-infections from other bacteria transmitted through ticks, such as mycoplasma and parasites are also responsible. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but not parasites.

Dr. Eva Sapi, director of Lyme research at the University of New Haven, Connecticut, went online to search for information about a particular parasite with the official name of microfilaria nematode. There she found a European website with pictures of the microfilaria, and discussion about a protocol for treating Lyme with salt and vitamin C. Prior to stumbling across the website, she did not know about that particular protocol.

Although she is pleased and surprised to discover that patients have gotten help from the protocol, she expressed some concern that we in the US are behind in Lyme research. Apparently the salt and C protocol is treating a parasite connected with Lyme disease that researchers in the US haven't even begun to isolate.

"I talked to Lyme patients and some of them, like you, are very familiar with the protocol," Dr. Sapi told me, "and said that it even helped them tremendously."

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