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The LDRD is growing. Your feedback will help us grow in directions that benefit you. Please scan the list below and let us know if you see something you want to hear more about, by leaving a comment. If you have an idea that isn't listed, please let us know.

Lyme stories: Do you want to tell your story? Having Lyme is like being in a big club that none of us ever wanted to join. However, telling others about your struggles, frustrations and triumphs can help. Who knows? Your story may spread hope, bring comfort and enlighten other people fighting Lyme.

Scientific research: Lyme disease researchers toil at the heart of this mysterious illness, every day. I was saddened to learn that one scientist I interviewed this year has herself been infected by the disease. However, she is no pansy when it comes battling the fight against Lyme. She says her main goal in research is find out how to kill this bug -- and soon.

Lyme Aware Medical Practitioners interviews: Our heroes at the LDRD are, of course, the doctors and nurses who correctly diagnose their patients, help guide them through the nightmare of an acute Lyme stage, and care for them throughout the duration of their treatment. Whether these docs are more conventional in their treatment, or they lean toward the use of alternatives such as herbal therapies and other methods, we love these guys (and gals).

Articles on...

Lyme wars (such as the current pressures on the IDSA, etc.)
Herxheimer reaction
Herbal therapies and Lyme (Cowden, Buhner, etc.)
Alternative healing protocols (salt & C; hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc.)
Body, mind & spirit (approaching healing through a combination of practices, including antibiotic therapy)
Lyme and children
Lyme and dogs & cats
Lyme and diet
Chronic Lyme

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Lyme in the news

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