Two approaches to Lyme symptoms

Ginger Savely, RN, FNP, who treats people with Lyme disease symptoms and other tick-borne diseases, says, "I always tell my patients that the approach is from two angles. One is to decrease bacterial load, by giving antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The other is to strengthen the immune system."

Detoxing and boosting the immune system must go hand in hand in the successful alleviation of Lyme disease symptoms. "Because if the immune system isn't functioning very well," says Savely, "you can give a person all the antibiotics in the world, they're not going to be able to fight the infection."

Savely says her approach is realistic, considering the complicated nature of the Lyme bacteria, which has the capacity to hide and evade the body's immune system for an unknown amount of time. The twofold approach can take time and effort, yet she says the hard work eventually pays off. "Hopefully, the bacteria levels decrease to a point, where the newly strengthened immune system can take over and keep the infection at bay," she says.

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