Healing lyme with herbs

At this point in time, antibiotics are the clearest choice for killing spirochetes, with some caveats. Many people think of herbal approaches to treating Lyme borreliois as "experimental." The term is meaningless in relation to Lyme disease. With Lyme infection everything is experimental. -- Stephen Harrod Buhner, Healing Lyme: Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Coinfections

The spirochetes are scavengers. They're adept at feasting off of their host and creating endless suffering from eating in their "favorite restaurants," as Stephen Harrod Buhner says: our knees, our skin, our hearts. In his book, this master herbalist and psychotherapist who writes about sacred plant medicine gives a keenly intelligent overview on Lyme disease, offers a core protocol for healing Lyme, and goes into detail about the many herbs that have acted as potent healers across time and tradition. His unique protocol is being followed by patients and physicians alike, either in conjunction with antibiotics or alone.

Stephen writes cogent and in-depth explanations about this natural healing protocol. He generously agreed to take part in the unique "Conversations with Experts" special feature on the LDRD website. Do yourself a favor: Listen to my interview with Stephen here.
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