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tick repellent

Natural Tick Repellents

Many people are not comfortable using chemical repellents on their skin, pets or even in their yard.

New studies on the effectiveness of essential oils and naturally derived insect repellents have emerged in recent years that do show promising results.

But what are reputable sources for deciding what repellents to use?

The Official Word?
What does the CDC say about natural tick repellents using essential oils? Click here to read the CDC page -

And the doctors?
Here is an article on MD Junction about Citronella and Oregano Oil -

Traditional wisdom?
And the good old trusty Farmer's Almanac. What are considered to be the traditional remedies for repelling ticks? Take a gander -

This year has been a bad year for ticks around these parts here in the Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina and we have been inspired to update our knowledge on the healthy alternatives, we think you should too!

Article by Ev (LDRD Webmaster)